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Coriolis Pinot Noir - Antica Terra (Oregon USA) - 2014

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Made by Maggie Harrison, one of Manfred Krankl’s celebrated protégées from Sine Qua Non, her projects, including the cherished wines of Lillian, have become as sought after as her mentor’s.

After eight years working in the cellar alongside Krankl at Sine Qua Non and starting her own label of Lillian focusing on Rhone varietals from California’s Central Coast, Maggie found herself being talked into visiting a small, unique swath of land in Oregon planted to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, a clever trick the owners had in mind after asking her to make their wines and she emphatically refused.

Determined to have Maggie make wines from this site, they asked Maggie if she would simply take a look at the vineyard and offer her opinion about the qualities of the site. Twenty-six seconds after arriving among the oaks, fossils, and stunted vines, she found herself hunched beneath one of the trees, phone in hand, explaining to her husband that they would be moving to Oregon. Years later, she has elevated these wines to cult status making them some of the most sought after Pinots Noirs made on the Western coast.

The wine that goes into Coriolis is a selection of barrels coming from the same fruit that goes into the Antica Terra Pinot Noirs, same winemaking, and same time in barrel, however this is a project that was invented as a charitable venture with all profits from this label being donated to the Phil Knight Cancer Challenge. And extremely aromatic wine with potpourri-like spice, cedar, ripe red and black fruits, hints of forest floor and dried cranberries. Silky and supple, with black raspberry, cherry and strawberry flavors, an elegant yet structured mouthfeel, lifting acidity, and a long, expansive finish. A truly gorgeous wine for a ridiculously good price!


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